Welcome to Fragrant Blossom Soaps! What makes us stand apart? We’ve been making soap for a very long time. We fold in more valuable and conditioning oils and buy our ingredients in bulk and pass the savings on to our customers. You can find us in many locations in Indiana! We have been an indiana soap company in Indiana for 19 years now. Our price is much more reasonable because we purchase highest quality ingredients in bulk from our wholesalers. We pass the savings on to our customers. I retired from essential oil distribution to soapmakers nationally after 20 years and retained my corporate accounts, so I get the best essential oils at wholesale cost. That means your soap price is only $3.65 per bar. We have so much more than olive, coconut and palm! We never use soybean (crisco type) shortening in our soaps.

The following stores have substantial inventory (300 bars or more):

Home Store: Logan Village Mall, 977 Logan Street Noblesville, Indiana
Old Thyme Mercantile, 627 E Markland Kokomo, Indiana
Memory Lane Antiques, 120 N Main St Tipton Indiana
Sunspot Health Food Market Kokomo, Indiana

You can also find our soaps in these stores, where inventory will be about 100 bars per store or less:

Noblesville Ace Hardware Noblesville, Indiana
Seven Sisters Florist Cicero, Indiana
Carefree Spas Indianapolis, Indiana
Carefree Hot Tubs Indianapolis, Indiana
Carefree Jacuzzi Fishers, Indiana
Treasure Mart South Kokomo Indiana

Please follow the cart link to shop for our soap on our other site, greathandmadesoap.com

I’ve been making soap for a quarter of a century, folding in African Shea butter and avocado to the basic oils most soapmakers use. Our candles are properly made, never exceeding the fill line suggested by the glass manufacturer and we’ve been making them for 20 years. Welcome to Fragrant Blossom Soaps!